Christmas History & when in Christmas 2019

It is said in the beginning the Christian humans have suffered from cruelty from various religions. To give salvation to these human god has sent Jesus Christ to the human world. The first Christmas was recorded to be celebrated on Christmas eve 25th December in 336 in western church but the tradition of Christmas goes as far back as December 25th 227 A.D in pagan religion 25th December was celebrated as honoring sun god festival and it is said that to remove the influence of pagan religion the Christmas is celebrated as 25th December but Christian religion have long remembered that gospel transcends not only the culture but it also transforms it. In 320 A.D theologians criticized this by noting.

Real History of Christmas

It is said in Christian religion no one really knows when is the real day of the birthday of Jesus Christ. Even in the bible no real date is given. The early Christian men had various arguments as to why and when it should be celebrated.

However, there are various theories as to this as when and why is Christmas important and it is celebrated on December 25th.
In Christian Mary mother theory it is said that the day when Mary was told she would have godsend child called Jesus was on 25th March and 9 months after the day would be the 25th December it is also believed by Christians that this was the day the world was created by God and the day when Christ was said to have died when adult.

Some Christians also believe that 25th December was chosen because of pagan religion celebrated sun honoring festival. Winter solstice because those took place in December around the same days.

merry Christmas 2019
merry Christmas 2019

In Jews religion the festival of light starts on December 25th. Hanukkah the festival of light is celebrated by Jewish people by worshiping in the temple. Christ was jew so this could be another reason why Christmas was chosen to be celebrated on 25th December.

Orthodox and Coptic church uses the Julian calendar and celebrates Christmas on January 7th(on the Julian calendar is 25th December).  Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates on 6th January. In the UK it is called “old Christmas” as this would be the day when it is celebrated if the calendar hasn’t changed.

The roman festival took place between 17th – 23rd December, where roman god Saturn was honored it was held on December 25th. It was pagan sun honoring festival this holy Sunday was remembered to be 25th December.

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Christmas traditions 2019

Worldwide Christmas is a yearly once occurring festivity celebrated to commemorate the birth of godsend child Jesus Christ. Christmas is a traditional religious festival where Christian all around the world gather in Churches worldwide at Christmas eve Midnight. That is 25th December every year, The Christian churches ring the bell all over the world. Christian gather together to sing hymns and thank god for gifting Jesus Christ to humanity. Christians believed that Jesus Christ is the light given to the world by God, so early Christian thought the 25th being the day Jesus Christ was born was the right day for Christmas celebration. the Christians also took over some of the other customs and turned them into traditional Christmas and gave them Christian meaning.

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